Praisers and Complainers

Praisers and Complainers

Exodus 12:37

John 1:29

John 6:66

In the book of Exodus, we read the story of how God’s people were slaves. They were slaves to the Egyptians for over 400 years. But in verse 37 of Exodus chapter 12, over 600,000 men got “saved.” To include their families, you could at least multiply that number by 3. This meant they were no longer in bondage, but were free. They were free because God made a way. It was by the blood of the Lamb on their door posts that death Passed Over them. The Blood saved them.

Fast Forward….John the Baptist lays eyes on Jesus and says “Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!” Jesus came and actually taught us how to live. He demonstrated it. Jesus is not a “do as I say, not as I do” parent. He simply says “follow me, I’ll never lead you astray!”

Fast Forward…People are still talking about these events today! The Passover lambs were slain approximately 3,500 years ago, and the people were saved. Jesus, the Lamb of God, gave His life as the ultimate sacrifice for us 2,000 years ago. If you have EVER told Him ”Jesus, I believe you gave your life for ME, I want you reside in me and have complete control of my life…SAVE ME” If you have ever turned your heart toward Him, and meant it, you are saved. Just as those Israelites walked out of slavery into a new life of freedom…so did you!

Now, here is the problem. The rest of the book of Exodus shows the majority of the people, that were saved (don’t forget that), complaining, murmuring, whining, and rarely acting like God did something mighty and awesome for them. Every time things got tough, most of those people actually thought that it would be better to just go back and be slaves to the Egyptians (Read Exodus 14:11).

Unfortunately, things haven’t changed much. Even though many of us have been SAVED through His mighty work on the cross at Calvary, as soon as things get tough, we focus on our problems and unleash the “Why ME’s!” I’ve done it, you’ve done it…we’ve ALL done it!

As you read the scriptures, God always tests those who choose to follow Him. There is no other way to determine those who are “the real deal” and those who give “lip service only.” If you read John chapter 6 you’ll find something interesting. When you get to verse 66, you find that many people, when they found out following Christ was going to actually cost them something, the Bible says “many turned away and followed him no more.” It is kind of interesting that we associate 666 with the Devil, or “Anti-Christ.” Lucifer was the first quitter. He flat out quit serving God to serve himself. John 6:66 talks about many people who quit serving Him as well. My question to you is: Have you Quit? Are you serving Him right now? If not, get back in the game…start serving Him again…like today!

Here is what I know: Those that stick with God, those that praise Him though being tried, those that just worship anyway regardless of their circumstances come out unbelievably better in the end than those who quit. Remember, our God is a “rewarder of those who diligently seek Him” (Hebrews 11:6). To be diligent means to be steady, earnest, and actually put an energetic effort into your relationship with Him. Do you claim to know Him? If yes, are you being diligent in your relationship with Him? Are you putting forth the effort to spend time with Him and Pray? Of COURSE you don’t feel like it every day…I don’t either! But, we better learn to read, pray and praise through those feelings…He’s worth it!

Today, read the Word, talk to Him, praise Him, love Him, tell Him “THANK YOU”, ask Him for discipline, discipline to consistently do the things that please Him…that you may stand and not fall! Tell Him you NEVER want to go back to Egypt…NEVER want to go back to the life He brought you out of. In this way, we honor Him…we actually show Him honor. In this way, we point others to Him.

Praisers are attractive and extremely rare. Complainers are repulsive and a dime a dozen.

Which one are you?




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