My Lord

My Lord and My God “ ____________ said to Him “my Lord and my God!”  — John 20:28 I left that blank on purpose.  If you look it up in the Bible, it is Thomas, someone we have somehow unfairly labeled a “doubter,” that goes in the blank.  I left it blank because I want you to read it and put in your own name.  Have you ever called Jesus your Lord and your God?  I’m trying to remember when He became both to me. The best I can recollect, God was simply “God” from ages 0 to 16.  Because I grew up in church, I can’t think of a time where I didn’t believe that God existed.  However, that knowledge alone didn’t save me.  Plenty of people believe in God.  Unfortunately, that knowledge alone does not save them.  It doesn’t save Satan, so it doesn’t save us.  In the book of James, he sounds almost sarcastic about it:  “You believe that there is one God.  Good!  Even the demons believe that…and shudder.”  (2:19) In June of 1991, Jesus became “my God.”  I actually said the prayer…”Lord, will you forgive me of my sins?  Will you come into my heart and live in me?  I know you died for me.  I also know you rose again.  Help me live for you.”  This should have absolutely transformed my life.  Unfortunately, I didn’t let it.  This was right before my Junior and Senior year of high school.  Jesus would remain “my God” until I finished college.  When I look back, Jesus tried to spare me a lot of hurt during those years.  He became “my God” at what should have been just the right time.  I had never had sex, I had never cussed, and I had never hung out with the wrong crowd.  I would do them all over the next 5 to 10 years following my “salvation. “ Why?  I went to church!  I said the prayer!  What went wrong? I wish I could remember the date…I don’t even remember the year.  I’ve even probably tried to put a date on it and wrote it in one of my past WMDs.  I just remember that there was a period of time where everything, absolutely everything pointed toward making Jesus MY Lord.  I do remember how it all got started.  I had been ignoring “my God” for quite some time.  I used to wake up with my alarm clock radio tuned to 93.3 the Planet…the local hard rock station.  Somehow, it got knocked back to 89.3 “His Radio.”  So my alarm clock goes off and I wake up to the words “You have got to get yourself in the Word! You must drink in the Word of God!”  That might not have been the exact words…but I still remember the gist after all these years.  Later that day I purposefully turned to His Radio and heard a song that said Jesus was the best thing in life.  Over the next few weeks, stuff like this happened over and over.  A random flyer came in the mail inviting me to go to a revival at church I had never heard of before.  I “happened” to mention it to one of my buddies and he said that was where his mom and dad were going to church.  We attended the revival and I was convicted like crazy.  I went home…I was all alone.  I knelt by my bed and told Jesus I was sorry for the way I had treated Him.  I asked Him to help me not just believe this stuff…but actually do it.  He had finally become…”My Lord.” Satan doesn’t mind if you believe in God.  He doesn’t even mind if you call Him “my God.”  He doesn’t care if you have “Christian” listed under “Religious views” on Facebook.  What he does not want is for Jesus to be Lord of your life.  If Jesus is Lord, you actually make an attempt to live for Him.  I can’t even tell you how the fury of Hell comes at you when you truly make Jesus Lord.  If you don’t believe me, go tell your friends that you are thinking that you don’t want to have sex again (or at all) until you get married.  Tell them you aren’t going to look at pornography anymore because Jesus says it is Adultery.  Tell your friends you want to start phasing out the junk you listen to and only listen to stuff that lifts up and honors the name of the Lord.  When gossip is being started and people are encouraging you to fight…tell them you want to be a peacemaker like Jesus talks about in Matthew chapter 5.  The point is…you will get grilled!!! You will be laughed at and it will be ridiculously hard to make those commitments and keep that kind of stand.  Why?  Because Satan knows that a true follower of Christ is the only person that can truly make an eternal difference. Who is Jesus to you?  Is He just “God” who exists out there somewhere?  Is He “your God?”  If He is your God you probably go to church, read your Bible every once in a while, listen to Christian radio every once in a while…even have the fish on your car.  Or…is He the Lord of your life?  He calls the shots…no matter what it costs you. You are going to live by faith in Him and His Word knowing…KNOWING that He only has your best interest in mind. If He isn’t your Lord…please make Him your Lord today! Later Adam


About wednesdaymorningdevotional

I am just a nobody from Salem, South Carolina. I have been a math teacher now for 23 years. I have been publishing devotionals every Wednesday morning for about 10 years now. Thanks for stopping by.
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