One More Last Chance

One More Last Chance


“In hell, where he was in torment, he looked up…”  — Luke 16: 23


For the first time in I don’t know when, I haven’t been in my home church for two consecutive Sundays.  This past Sunday, since we were on vacation, my wife and I just went driving around looking for somewhere to attend.  We saw a sign at an old school Baptist church that said they were having a southern gospel quartet.  It was fantastic! 


Just like I remember from my “traditional Baptist” days the preacher stood before the congregation at the end of it all and gave “the invitation.”  He asked us all to check our hearts and see if there is anything in there that didn’t need to be there.  He asked us if we were right…if we were saved.  I, of course, examined my heart and decided I didn’t need to be saved for the 137th time…though it is hard for me to resist the chance to be absolutely sure.  So the quartet sang a couple verses of “Just as I am” and nobody went forward.


I couldn’t help but think about that rich man in Luke chapter 16.  What would he give to have that opportunity that I just experienced?  When you read the story, you find that he knew who Father Abraham was.  Was this knowledge that God forced into his mind upon death?  Or, did this guy know about Father Abraham because he had heard from the preachers of the day and basically knew what was recorded in those holy scrolls?  I think he knew.  But just like so many believe today, he thought he had tomorrow.  Eventually, he ran out of tomorrows and verse 23 says “in hell.” 


What would he have done if he could have left hell after over 2,000 years and attended that old school church service?  I believe we all know that he would have ran down there, fallen on his knees, and begged for mercy, grace, and forgiveness.  


So, maybe you are reading your last chance.  Have you received Jesus as your Lord and Savior?  Have you repented of your sins?  If you have, just breathe a prayer of thanks to the Lord.  If you haven’t…REPENT!!!  True repentance means you are sorry enough to be humble and admit that you need saving.  It also involves being sorry enough to actually change the way that you live.  I can guarantee you that the once rich man would do all of these things if he were given another chance.


Will you?






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