The Good Fight of Faith

Fighting the Good Fight

fight of faithFight the good fight of faith.  — 1 Timothy 6:12

Are you currently fighting for your faith?  Are you fighting for those things that you know are true, but cannot see?  Are you still pursuing God with all your heart, mind and soul?  This is the fight.  He is the prize.  You and I are supposed to be fighting for our hearts to remain pure.  We are supposed to fight for His presence in and on our lives.  When we feel it slipping away…we must fight.

The reason I write about this today is because lately it has been an all out war for me to fight the good fight of faith.  I have been getting up early in the morning and pursuing God, but it has been a fight.  As soon as I get started, my mind wanders.  My mind fills up with all the stuff I have to do that day and just worrying about the junk of this world.  As soon as I realize what is happening, I stop, I pray, I read the Word . . . all to have the process repeat itself.  I leave somewhat dejected because I know what it is like to leave on fire.  However, I vow to keep fighting.

I have to.

Satan would like nothing more than for me to give up.  If I stop fighting, my family no longer sees Christ in me.  If I stop fighting, my students no longer see something different about me.  If I stop fighting, the congregation of my church sees a public speaker, not a man warring for the prize that is Christ Jesus.  If I stop fighting, I am simply saying “to Hell with those who are lost and don‘t know God.”  I am saying “who cares if that brother or sister is hurting, let someone else pray for them.”  I am basically saying “let someone else fight.”

This can not and will not happen on my watch!

Paul exhorts a young Timothy to fight the good fight of faith.  As I read his words this morning, he is exhorting me, too.  He just may be exhorting you as well.  Maybe you have been like me and don’t “feel” like praying, studying the Word, or even going to the house of God . . . Do it anyway.

Just a few verses later in verse 14 Paul charges Timothy (and us) “to keep this command without spot or blame until the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ.”  It is so easy to forget that He is coming back.  One day the trumpet will sound and He will return.  Even if He does not in our lifetime, one day we will draw our last breath.  We will stand before Him. For it is appointed unto men once to die, and after this the judgment.

Fight the good fight of faith.




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