The Midst of the Storm

My friend, Scott McGaha wrote today’s WMD.  I read it at just the right time when he posted it a few weeks ago.  I hope it does for someone today what it did for me then.
You may need this. If so, I hope you’ll take a moment to read it, because God wanted you to hear it. In Matthew 14:22-32, we read the story of Jesus walking on water and Peter telling Jesus that if it was really Him to call him out onto the water. And Jesus did.

God spoke to me very clearly tonight as I was driving home and pointed out a few things that I felt I needed to share. #1, all Peter asked for was confirmation that it really was God and then he wanted to join in on the miracle they were witnessing. If you feel God calling you or leading you to do something, that’s all you really need is confirmation it really is God, and I guarantee you He will.

#2, even though the miracle of Jesus walking on water was already taking place, God was happy to have Peter join in and experience his own miracle as well. The more you seek of God, the more miraculous things He wants you to experience. Don’t try to limit God because of your own limitations!!

#3, Peter began to sink and go down when he became too focused on the circumstances and dangerous surroundings and took his eyes off God. Don’t make the same mistake. Our minds cannot fathom all that God is capable of, so stop trying to figure it out. God isn’t the wizard behind the curtain or the magician with something up a sleeve, He is our Creator, Savior and Heavenly Father. Trust Him, even when the world screams NO!! Then enjoy the view as the miraculous takes place.

#4, Jesus was not fussing at Peter because he failed. I don’t think He was really upset at all. Jesus was disappointed for Peter, because Peter started to doubt. God wants us to be bold and confident in our faith. Stand strong.

#5, even though Peter did let doubt creep in, Jesus was still there to catch him when he fell. God may let us fall when we fail, but He’s quickly there to help us get back up too. Think about this: how did Peter get back to the boat? I think he walked on water again, only this time it was with Jesus!!

And finally, #6, verse 32 says when they got back in the boat the wind stopped. I think that what that means is when Peter returned to his “comfort zone” the storm passed and all was calm again. But you know what it also meant? The miracles stopped. Walking on water in a boat isn’t a miracle. Climbing out of a boat to walk on water is. If you want to see real miracles take place in your homes, families, communities and world, there’s a very good possibility that you’re gonna have to get out of the boat, step out of your safe place, get your feet wet, and boldly walk toward Jesus. I’ve always believed the true failure in the story wasn’t Peter’s loss of faith, but rather the lack of faith of the other 11. Don’t be a watcher. Be a walker. Ask God for miracles in your life, and then walk toward Him and watch them happen. Just be sure you stay focused on Him!! I love you all, and God bless.


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I am just a nobody from Salem, South Carolina. I have been a math teacher now for 23 years. I have been publishing devotionals every Wednesday morning for about 10 years now. Thanks for stopping by.
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1 Response to The Midst of the Storm

  1. E. Vecchi says:

    Thank you for sharing your insights! I had never thought of this story so deeply, honestly I have heard it so many times, that when I read it again I think I already know it… But there is so much I don’t know! Thank you for opening my eyes to something new! I really think that we need more people like yourself, that is constantly trying to reach out to people and share what you know!
    Recently I’ve been getting out of my comfort zone, and sharing with many more what I believe and have felt to be true! I’ve been on a mission for about 6months now and I love it! I have been learning so much, and being able to share the joy and happiness that I feel with others is truly gratifying!

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