Question One

When Did You Come to Know Christ?


Now by this we know that we know Him, if we keep His commandments. – 1 John 2:3

A couple of weeks ago, I got to speak at an FCA event called “Fields of Faith.” I didn’t so much get to speak as I got to respond to four questions. They are great questions. They are such great questions I answered all four of them in a sermon. You can go to and click on “listen now” to check out the long version of my answers to these questions. I am going to do them here on WMD because I believe if you read these posts regularly, you need to know your own answers to these questions and be able to communicate them.

When did you come to know Christ? Isn’t this a great way to ask this question? Not, “when did you get saved?” or “when did you ask Christ to come into your heart?” The truth is, in my experience, just because you raised your hand after repeating the “sinner’s prayer” does not mean you began a relationship with Christ, nor does it mean you know Christ. Looking back on my own life, I said that prayer many times. It would make me feel good for a while, but the effect always wore off and I walked right back into my favorite sinful ways. I said the prayer, but I didn’t know Him. I didn’t know Him because I didn’t keep His commands.

Eventually, I got tired of this back and forth with salvation. Either Christ was real and He made a difference in a person’s life, or He was not and made no difference. I wanted to know for sure. I did not know 1 John 2:3 at the time, but I will never forget God’s ultimatum to me. I knew in my spirit He was saying “Adam, either do what you know I want you to do, or I’m going to quit convicting you of your sin. I will withdraw my Holy Spirit conviction.” I knew enough to know that I didn’t want Him to go anywhere. That same week, I was in a situation where He prompted me to tell the truth. I know for a fact that I would have lied if God hadn’t spoken to me. Obeying God was difficult, but felt amazing. I got my first taste of obedience and it was pretty sweet. I had actually trusted God for the first time.

I would have a series of these types of steps. I would break up with my girlfriend. I would stop playing secular (sometimes flat out satanic) music. I would change the music that I listened to while driving around in my little red Ford Ranger. I would read through the entire Bible. I would begin to talk to Him like He was my Father in Heaven who was for me, not against me.

I would come to know Him.

Now, instead of hoping that I am saved and living “good enough” to go to Heaven, I know that I know Him. I want with everything that I am to obey His commands, His callings, and His still, small voice. I want to obey Him because obedience always leads me to a place where I feel His Presence. I know He is there. There is absolutely nothing like the veil of my heart being torn into and His Presence filling it like a rushing, mighty wind. It is what I now live for.

When did you come to know Christ?




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