All Your Works Shall Praise You

All Your works shall praise You, O Lord, and Your saints shall bless You. – Psalm 142:10


I was reading this Psalm this morning when this verse stopped me dead in my tracks. It was just a beautiful thing in my mind to imagine a time when all of God’s creation will praise Him. How beautiful and majestic will the New Heaven and the New Earth be? John the Revelator tries to describe it in Revelation 21, but we can only imagine the glories of Heaven and a brand new Earth.


Then, I thought of the most amazing thing about the verse: All of creation doesn’t praise Him right now.


When God was creating He said, “Let there be light” and light praised Him. It shined so brightly, piercing the darkness at 186,000 miles per second. He said, “Let there be dry land and let the mighty ocean waters come only this far” and the sounds of the ocean roared in praise. He said, “Let there be plant life and animals,” and the birds sang and still sing their praises to their Creator. All of His works praised Him!


Then, He made man in His own image.


He said, “Love me and obey me” and we almost immediately said “No!” The first man had one command, “Do not eat from one tree,” and he refused to obey. Thousands of years later, He asks another man named Adam to do so many things for Him; sometimes I obey, and sometimes I put off and put off until I have disobeyed. As I pray and spend time with Him this morning, I want so badly to live a life that praises Him and honors His Holy Name.


Herein lies the beauty of the Gospel: Christ came to restore His creation. Yes, everything went downhill after the fall of man. But after the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, everything is now going back uphill. People are giving their hearts, minds, bodies, and lives to Him and learning to obey Him, learning to hear Him, learning to do His will, and learning to follow Him wholeheartedly.


And one day . . . one day . . .


All Your works shall praise You, O Lord, and Your saints shall bless You.






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I am just a nobody from Salem, South Carolina. I have been a math teacher now for 23 years. I have been publishing devotionals every Wednesday morning for about 10 years now. Thanks for stopping by.
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