Be Still

I’ve been slack in writing lately, here is a post from a few years ago.

Be still and know that I am God.  —  Psalm 46:10

Step out of the traffic! Take a long, loving look at me, your High God, above politics, above everything. — Psalm 46:10 (The message)

One of the advantages of being a teacher is the fact that it is basically a 10 month job.  June and July are just two of the many reasons that most of us became teachers.  I love the fact that every school year is different.  Yes, I will have different students, but most importantly, I will have a different me.  I always learn from the previous year and use that information to be even better next year.

Now, as a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, you would think that Summer would be a time of really spending time in the Word of God.  I plan every Summer on reading certain Christian books, memorizing scriptures, and just filling my mind and heart with God.  Unfortunately, it seems like these past few Summers I haven’t done it.  I end up staying up late, which makes me sleep late, and I wake up to the noise of my kids which means that my morning time with God has disappeared.  I may be somewhere for a weekend vacation and not take the time to find a place to hear the Word of the Lord on Sunday.  Before I know it, Summer has passed, and it turns out that I have given a very lukewarm effort in being still and knowing He is God.  I don’t really get to say “I didn’t have time,”  I had pleny, so what’s the problem?

Psalm 46:10 tells me the problem:  I am not being intentional about being still, or “stepping out of the traffic.”  Followers of Christ have an enemy with the sole purpose of making sure you spend as little time with the Lord as possible.  Being still is an intentional, deliberate act on the part of the Christian who claims to be His child. it does not come naturally.  Busyness will take over if you let it.  So, with that being said, I made myself a few suggestions, “be still” goals if you will, for this Summer.  I thought that they might help you as well.

1.  Be still finding time to read the Word.  This does not have to be a long drawn out process.  Find a minimum of 10 minutes during the day where you can read the Bible and talk to God.  Psalm 46 might be a good place to start.

2.  Be still keeping your mind pure.  I don’t know why I am tempted more in the Summer to watch the new blockbuster, R-rated movies that come out.  This is probably because I watch too much TV and see all of the previews on television.  I find myself watching these stupid movies that totally glorify the sin that my Savior delivered me from and died a brutal death on the cross to do so.  I have found myself sitting there and listening to those actors and actresses take my Lord’s name in vain over and over again.  This summer, I will be intentional about keeping my mind pure.

3.  Be still going to church.  Tonya and I just went to a random church when we were on vacation at the beach last year.  Turns out we heard a great quartet sing praises to the King and we met some really great people who have been serving God for a lot longer than we have.  If you are on vacation over the weekend, say a short prayer asking the Lord to lead you where He wants you to go, then just drive and see where you end up, it’s kind of fun.

Most of all, remember that being still is mostly for you.  Knowing that He is God means that you have incredible faith and want to live an obedient life that glorifies and honors Him.  It means that you trust Him with all that you are and all that He leads you to do.  It means that when the storms of life come, you will stand rock solid because you have built your house on the rock.  You won’t be returning to God because all of a sudden you need Him, you will be remaining with Him as you have all along.

Take time to be still today . . . know that He is God.




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