In the Beginning


In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. – Genesis 1:1


So I was looking in this science book the other day.  For whatever reason, I flipped over to the “Origin of the Universe” section.  It said there were three main theories of how the universe came into existence.  Now, I remember my middle school science teacher telling me the theories and, even though I didn’t really care at the time, a Creator was mentioned as a possibility.  However, in this particular book, any kind of “intelligent design” was not mentioned.


I started surfing the Internet to dive in a little deeper.  It seems that new theories are constantly being thought up as to just how all this got started.  One of them that intrigued me was drummed up 15 years ago and called “Time’s Arrow.” I have to quote a paragraph from the article:


It is almost as if our Universe were fine-tuned to start out far from equilibrium so it could possess an arrow of time.  But, to a physicist, invoking fine-tuning is akin to saying “a miracle occurred.”  For Carroll, the challenge was finding a process that would explain the Universe’s low entropy naturally, without any appeal to incredible coincidence or (worse) a miracle.”  (Discover: Science for the Curious.  April, 2008 Issue)


Here this guy is basically saying, “I have to come up with a way to explain this without a miracle occurring.”  I couldn’t help but wonder why men try so hard to explain existence without God. Why do so many people want the first verse of the Bible to be untrue?


Here is the only thing I can think of:  If Genesis 1:1 is not true, then Hebrews 9:27 is not true either.  It says, “It is appointed unto man once to die, and after this to face judgment.”  If I can really believe that God didn’t create all this, then that means He didn’t create me.  Therefore, I am a random accident and my actions and choices have no eternal consequences.


I can actually see how this would be comforting, or at the very least, numbing.  But, here is the truth: At some point in the next century I will draw my last breath.  The Bible says that I will stand before God and be judged by Him.  That is either true, or it isn’t.  So far, in 27 years of following Jesus, there is not one single thing that I’ve learned from the Bible that did not turn out to ultimately bless me when I put it into practice.  I have not proven one single thing that God has said in His Holy Book to be wrong.  Here is my conclusion and, I guess, my theory: If one reads the Bible and puts it into practice, they will absolutely know the meaning of what it means to be truly blessed . . . in this life and the next.


Why would anyone gamble with eternity?






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