Here are the stages in the journey of the Israelites when they came out of Egypt by divisions under the leadership of Moses and Aaron.  — Numbers 33:1

I was reading this chapter that I would normally just kind of skim over.  All it does is give all of the places that the Israelites camped as they were led out of Egypt and into the promised land.  As I read them, it occurred to me that each one of those places served a purpose.  There was no randomness to it.  God was leading them and taking them exactly where He wanted them to go.  

There were two places that kind of caught my mind.  Verse 5 says that they left Rameses and went to Sukkoth.  Some places we have to camp “Sukkoth.”  Sukkoth is actually now one of the Jewish festivals where they celebrate the temporary huts they stayed in while in the wilderness.  I would imagine that many at the time thought that it “sukkoth” to live in these little huts.  I would imagine that it “sukkoth” to not know where your consistent source of food would come from.  We get on to the Israelites so often for complaining.  I’m pretty sure we would be no different if we were in their position.  God has led me through some places that I wouldn’t necessarily desire to repeat the journey.

Verse 11 says they went into the Desert of Sin.  It was here that they consumed all their food they had brought with them from Egypt.  This was a true opportunity for them to rely on God’s provision.  As soon as they left, they began to complain.  Considering the fact that I complain when I have to wait for a table at Outback knowing that I will absolutely feast in the next hour or so . . . I’m pretty sure I would have joined them.  Nevertheless, they had the opportunity to fully rely on God’s provision, but they chose to whine and complain.  Lord, I’m so sorry that complaining is my default.

The heading of Numbers 33 reads “The Stages of Israel’s Journey.”  I started thinking of my own journey.  Many of these places I would not like to repeat my stay, but I can say they have all been necessary and have all been beneficial to my journey.  They didn’t Sukkoth too bad.

Adam’s journey out of Egypt began at Calvary Baptist church.

He went from Calvary Baptist to Stamp Creek Landing where he was saved.

From Stamp Creek Landing he went to Open Door Baptist.

He went from Baptist churches to several Pentecostal churches.

Because of Pentecostal churches, he met his wife.

While with his wife, they went through the land of Hurt and Loss.

Through Hurt and Loss, they landed at Golden Corner church.  

While at Golden Corner, they learned to truly trust in the Lord.

While trusting in the Lord, they became ministers at Lifeline.

They left Lifeline and it led back through the land of Hurt and Loss.

Hurt and Loss led them to wander in The Wilderness with their family and a couple of other families.

Who knows where we will land or what we will do next?  I sure don’t.  But I’m so glad I know the One who does.

Lord, every stage You have brought me to and through has been so necessary for my development.  Help me to stop complaining and learn to simply trust.  You’ve never let me down.  It may seem like you have in the short term, but in the long term You’ve always proven Yourself more than faithful.  I love You.  Not with the love You deserve, but with the love I have.  Help me to grow in my love and my trust for You.  Amen  


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I am just a nobody from Salem, South Carolina. I have been a math teacher now for 23 years. I have been publishing devotionals every Wednesday morning for about 10 years now. Thanks for stopping by.
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