The Ark Encounter

And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it also be in the days of the Son of Man. – Luke 17:26

My family and I took the trek to Georgetown, Kentucky to see the replica of Noah’s Ark.  The attention to detail was nothing short of spectacular.  The videos they show throughout are nothing short of powerful.  I told my wife after “The Noah Interview,” “If I wasn’t saved, I’d sure get saved right now.”  During the second video, they used the same characters to do a modern-day interview called “As in the Days of Noah.”  I told my wife, “If I didn’t get saved after the last video, I’d sure get saved after this one.”  

It is an unbelievable thing to see the Bible that you’ve read for years turn in to real life right before your eyes.  Here is what I couldn’t get past, in the days of Noah there was only one way to be saved.  You were either on that boat when it started to rain, or you were not.  Today, if you asked 100 random people in the world right now how to go on to a better next life, 31 would say be Christian, 25 would say be Muslim, 15 would say Hindu is correct, 15 would claim nothing at all, 6 would say Buddhist, and the rest would pitch a bunch of different beliefs . . . at least according to Google.  Anyway, the point is, back then there was only one way to be saved.  

Today, there is still only one way.

You see, Jesus didn’t come to add another way to be saved.  Most people today believe that if you are sincere in your beliefs, you will be fine.  That simply isn’t true.  Many people back before the flood sincerely believed they would be fine because water levels had never been near high enough to make it to the ark, much less make it float.  Jesus came to make the only way to Heaven.  You are either in Him, or you are not.  

Here is the thing . . . they believe it took Noah 75 years to build the boat.  I thought it was 100 before I went there, but they made a convincing argument.  They started the Ark Encounter in 2010.  75 years from 2010 is 2085.  What if we are that close to His return?  What if the Ark Encounter stands as a last pleading of God to get into His Son, Jesus Christ?  I’m telling you, if you visit it and read everything and watch everything, you must either receive Him, or you must reject Him.  

As I sit here typing this reflection of my Ark Encounter, I realize how much time I waste.  I waste so much time trying to be comfortable in this world.  I waste so much time hating on the people that have done me wrong.  I waste time on temporary pleasures here when I should be focused on eternal rewards.  I spend so much time making my own world better that I don’t realize I should be begging and pleading with people to escape the judgement to come.  Whether or not Jesus returns by 2085, the overwhelming majority reading this will have met their fate by then.  It will have already been decided where you spend eternity.

Lord, I am begging and pleading for You to stir a passion in our hearts for You.  Help us to truly get this.  Help us to draw so near to You.  Help us to tell others in a way they can understand.  Help us to stop all this “my way is right,” and “your way is wrong.”  We spend so much time determining who is preaching correctly and who is a heretic.  We don’t have time for that, Lord.  You said the world would be convinced when we as the church started truly loving one another.  Let it start with me, Lord.  Amen


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I am just a nobody from Salem, South Carolina. I have been a math teacher now for 23 years. I have been publishing devotionals every Wednesday morning for about 10 years now. Thanks for stopping by.
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