This Kind

However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting. – Matthew 17:21

The context of this verse is a boy in need of healing.  His father is pleading with the disciples for healing.  When Jesus enters the picture, the boy is easily healed.  The disciples are left wondering why they couldn’t do it.  Jesus simply states the verse I have used for today’s WMD.

There is a little bit of controversy surrounding this verse.  You will find that the verse is in the KJV and not in some of the more modern translations.  The reason is that the verse appears in some manuscripts, but not in some of the manuscripts that many scholars believe to be older and more reliable.  They believe this verse was added as time went on.

Personally, I’m glad the verse is included.  The fact is, there are times when I say short simple prayers and they are gloriously answered.  Then, there are other times that I feel a simple prayer is not sufficient.  When these moments happen, I think of Matthew 17:21.

Right now, prayer requests are at what I would consider an all-time high.  I have friends fighting cancer.  I have friends praying for lost loved ones.  I have a friend fighting for her life in the aftermath of having coronavirus.  I have one person that I have been trying so hard to draw nearer to the Lord.  The more I try, the more it seems that hell’s fury gets unleashed in this person’s life.  I have prayed, but things just seem to escalate.

I say all that to say this:  I am going to fast from sunup to sundown today.  I believe part of the reason fasting works is because you get uncomfortable really quickly.  The discomfort serves as a constant reminder to pray.  If you have urgent prayer needs right now, I ask for you to join me.  One friend in particular, her name is Donna, is fighting for her life as I type this.  I don’t mind mentioning her name because her family has made it public.  Please remember her in your prayers.  Also, feel free to comment any prayer requests and those who participate will cover them in prayer and fasting.  After all, if this verse does in fact belong in the Bible, some things only happen by prayer and fasting.

Lord, I praise You.  Lord, I magnify Your great name.  There are so many needs this morning.  I ask that You meet those needs.  Not so we can go on with our lives as normal, but so we may give You praise, glory, and honor.  So those who do not know You can see that there is a mighty God who heals and saves.  I so quickly forget the great, mighty, and wonderful things You have done for me in my own life.  I even more quickly forget to really lift up the needs of others.  I ask that You bring to my mind, and the minds of whoever takes the time to read this, anyone who really needs a touch from God.  Heal, Lord, for only You can.  Save, Lord, for only You can.  There is no one like You.  Show Yourself mighty this day.  Amen.


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I am just a nobody from Salem, South Carolina. I have been a math teacher now for 23 years. I have been publishing devotionals every Wednesday morning for about 10 years now. Thanks for stopping by.
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