Wanna See A Miracle?

My friend Scott McGaha wrote today’s WMD. It really spoke to me and I hope it speaks to you.

“He is not here; He has risen” Matthew 28:6

The Lord truly does work in mysterious ways. I honestly think with me it’s when I’m at my weakest physically, which usually includes the mental and emotional sides as well. The last few weeks have been exhausting, but rewarding, and I thank God for them. The last few years have been devastating, and honestly, I’ve blamed God for them. I’ve been hurt, bitter, angry, sad and perpetually heartbroken. And I thought, not really so much that God could fix it, which He certainly could have, but that God should have, and I was wrong.

So, here I am, after 10 pm on Saturday night, after I worked the past 6 days for the 3rd straight week, then spent another few hours mowing grass, just dying to devour some food and get some sleep, and I heard God speak what I’m about to share. And what I knew was, if I didn’t put it down, it would probably be gone from memory tomorrow. I think God just wants to know how bad do we really want more of Him sometimes, and tonight, pretty bad.

Last Sunday as I was driving to church, I heard a song that was new to me called “Reason To Praise” by Cory Asbury and Bethel Music featuring Naomi Raine, and it touched me deeply. After figuring out what the song was and who sang it, I’ve listened to it many times this past week. And tonight God spoke to my heart through the song as I had it playing.

Let’s just say the last several years, I’ve seen, spoken to and spent much less time with my sons than I would have ever wanted, and it has many, many times crushed me emotionally, physically and yes, spiritually. But in the last few months, my heart and mind have started to see the situation differently. And in the process of learning Eucharisteo and having a constant attitude of thankfulness, it has challenged me to trust God more and more in ways I had not considered. That perhaps “all things working together for the good” didn’t necessarily mean I would personally reap the benefits. And now God has guided me to a place where I realize He is telling me that where I’ve been stuck and staying at, He isn’t there.

Where I’ve been, and I’m sure some of you have also been, is stuck in the grieving phase. You’re stuck at the tomb. Trust me, I’ve been right there with you. You may be grieving a literal death, and I want you to know I am deeply sorry for your loss. But for others like me, we’re grieving what we lost. For me, it was time with my boys. Watching them grow into manhood and helping guide and shape them as they became men. It has broken my heart over and over and there has been this void within my heart that was their place. And I have gone through the grieving process over and over, and honestly I’ve been very, very angry with God.

For some of you it’s been a relationship of some sort, be it a marriage, friendship, etc. Something happened, that person moved on, and you’re deeply hurt. Believe me, I know your pain. I’ve sat at that tomb and wished for one more text or call that sadly never came. Or maybe it’s a job or career. For some it might be unfulfilled potential. For others it’s just the opportunity that got away. The chance. The possibility.

Whether you wanted this or not, this is the hand we’ve been dealt. And if you’re like me, you’ve been stuck outside the tomb or grave of what could have or might have been. In my case, off and on for years. And here’s what God spoke to my heart on Saturday night: I’m not there. Stop sitting by the tomb. Stop hanging out in the graveyards. What’s gone is gone. Jesus is a risen savior!! The lines in the song say this: “out of the grave bursts a revival no tomb can contain” and “When you come around … stones just start rolling away.”

For someone out there, along with myself, it’s time to stop mourning what is now gone. God might have a better job waiting for you if you’ll just start looking. He might have a better marriage for you, if you’ll stop mourning the one that’s been dead for far too many years. I promise you the better life isn’t going to be found in a place of dead things. God doesn’t live amongst the dead, that’s where the demons were hanging out (see Mark 5).

If you want to see miracles, go where Jesus is. He might resurrect your relationships, your career, etc, but, He might have something even better in store for you. He usually does.


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I am just a nobody from Salem, South Carolina. I have been a math teacher now for 23 years. I have been publishing devotionals every Wednesday morning for about 10 years now. Thanks for stopping by.
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