Lest I Forget Where I Came From

But if you warn them to repent and they don’t repent, they will die in their sins, but you will have saved yourself.  – Ezekiel 33:9

This has been a rough week.  I’ve watched many people that I’ve had conversations with about God enter prison and some have even entered eternity.  I’ve also had conversations with people whose lives have been transformed dramatically by the Lord.  I realize I’m focusing more on the negative than the positive, but the fact remains . . . one out of one will experience an appointment with the Lord. 

 It is appointed unto man once to die, and after this, face judgment.  (Hebrews 9:27)  

As I was falling more and more into despair and doing the whole “Am I really making a difference?” thing, I got a pretty sweet “rude awakening.”  I was reminded of when I was a kid in school.  We had a music teacher who would allow us on Fridays to bring our own music and play it for the whole class.  At the time, I couldn’t wait for it to be my turn.  I was going to introduce the class to “Rock and Roll All Night, and Party Every Day” by the hottest band in the world!  I’d sit there and make fun and laugh at pretty much any other music that wasn’t what I liked.

Well, this one girl would bring in Christian music.  She would attempt at her young age to honor the Lord and play something that would bring His message.  Of course, I’d make fun of it and make sure she knew “it sucked!”  I’d learn over the course of time that she was going through stuff that no kid should ever have to go through.  Looking back, I’d bet that music was some of the only stuff that brought her true comfort . . . and she was just a kid.  

When I’m talking to someone about the Lord today, I’m not going to worry so much about the response that they give to me.  They can laugh at me, or they can ignore me . . . I’m not responsible for the results.  I imagine those Christian cassettes being played all those years ago planted something in my heart that ultimately caught on . . . and I’m eternally grateful for it.

Lord, at the end of the day . . . I can’t save anyone.  I can introduce people to You, who can and does save . . . but I can’t do it.  A person being saved is an absolute miracle.  A person’s spirit, which is completely dead, comes to life!  You did it for me and my spirit still grows today.  Where would I be, Lord?  Thank You for reminding me where I came from!  Thank You for reminding me of what I’d be had You never come into my life!  Help me be able to take the same ridicule the girl took 37 years ago in chorus class from me.  I pray that today You will bless her like crazy.  I pray that just maybe she will read this and know that I sure do appreciate her.  I also pray that Your people will be stirred to tell others about You . . . regardless of the cost.  Amen


About wednesdaymorningdevotional

I am just a nobody from Salem, South Carolina. I have been a math teacher now for 23 years. I have been publishing devotionals every Wednesday morning for about 10 years now. Thanks for stopping by.
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